It all started when…

Jennifer, Founder and CEO of Single Momm, a Traverse City faith-based non-profit, needed a unique way to inspire her staff and describe the atmosphere she wanted to create in her river-facing office in Traverse City, Michigan, when clients, volunteers, donors, or any ole Joe walks in. After mentally cycling through plenty of old, tired analogies, she exclaimed,

"You know when you're traveling and you are so tired but you have to continue the trip so you stop at the nearest gas station, grabbing a styrofoam cup of day old coffee just to make the last leg of the trip? It's fine. It's functional. It does the trick. Now compare that to walking into your favorite coffee shop, imagine the smell of the freshly ground coffee, the sounds of the frother and the music you like, the smiling barista calling you by name and she hands you a hot a delicious cup of coffee in a comfortable and pleasant mug." 

Instantly they knew what she was talking about. The good coffee and how to be the good coffee to everyone.

How can we position ourselves every day and in every situation to be that good coffee? To not be simply fine and functional, but to be comfortable, pleasant, warm, welcoming, and kind. 

In everything we do, we strive to be the good coffee to everyone we meet. 

At Single MOMM, a Traverse City faith-based non-profit we are creating safe spaces, engaging the stories of single moms, and then empowering them to integrate into everyday life with strength, joy, and confidence. Through our mentorship program, The reVIVE Course™, and our Event Nights we provide the resources needed to help you positively impact the single moms in your community.